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Published: 06th February 2017
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Professional biography is a narration of person or business professional history in the form of stories. Biography has to be portrayed in an excellent manner to make the readers to think of the person or business great. Business biographies are used to promote its business and to increase the market values. But professional biography for an individual are used to be included in job proposals, company's board profile and also in few professional websites. It highlights the individual unique skills and achievements in the profession which builds a great career. Resume writing became old fashioned among the hiring people. Biographies are necessary to understand about the subject more and to filter unique and engaging skills.
Professional biographies cannot be written as personal biographies with any specific instructions to be followed. Before writing professional biography certain things has to be known to the biographer.
1) Biographer should understand about the person to whom it is drafted thoroughly. The purpose of the biography has to be analyzed with targeted audience in mind. Biography serves as an introduction to the audience.
2) The sample biographies similar to the person's profession need to compare to get best results. These examples show what is expected by the readers to understand more.
3) The most interesting skills have to be highlighted. The lengthy biographies might bore the readers with long stories so short biographies are used in many places. The subject line should be selected in an exciting way. The information has to be narrowed to one or two pages.
4) Professional biographies need to be written in the third perspective view in order to add more credits to the person.
5) Professional biography should begin with a name and best introduction about the person's professional experience or job title.
6) Person's professional expertise next to the job title.
7) The important accomplishments, achievements and awards received in the profession relevant to the audience need to be highlighted here. Few lines about innovations the person made in his career need to be specified.
8) It would be good to include few lines about personal details. More personal details have to be avoided it may lead in depreciating skills. It might bore the readers when it is written only about the facts, this information used to increase the reader's excitement.
9) State few lines about upcoming or recent projects relevant to the audience.
10) Finally has to be concluded with contact information and references if found necessary.
Before drafting the biography it need to be revised again and again in order to create a best professional biography which make the person to look great and to point the exact matching skills. Initially it might be enough to get help from friends to stabilize the biography with few required changes. At last it should be handed over to professional proof readers or editors for further correction with any spelling or grammatical errors. The language has to be corrected in a proper impressive manner. Now it's ready for documentation and publishing in the form of books, eBooks, reports and technical presentations.

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